Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Workout Clothes

I got enough sleep last night, finally, but Zoe woke up early on (12:30) and slept with us the rest of the night. I've got to break that cycle for her (i.e., let her cry it out), but I lose a lot of sleep and feel a lot of stress doing that. On the other hand, losing a little sleep and having a little stress, with her waking up then sleeping with us, is easier.

I drank enough water today.

I kept better track today and ate better because of it. I always seem to need to catch up on veggie intake by the evening. I wish I could get my girls to eat more veggies too.

I did my usual Wednesday run along the beach, but today I had a new, winter white sweat suit. I felt great because I looked great, and it's very warm! As much as any old sweats/t-shirt will do for a workout, it's good to buy workout clothes because you'll feel better about yourself if you look good when you work out. Also, high tech fabrics make a huge difference! They'll keep you much more comfortable (warm, dry, cool, wind-proof, etc.) than old cotton sweats. Also, if you workout often, you really will get a lot more use out of them than those other clothes you spend a lot of money on! The more you workout, the more worthwhile it is to spend money on good quality workout clothes.

I got two new personal training clients! I'm looking forward to working with these two new clients and teaching them the benefits of living the SWEET Life!

How do I feel?
The day ended with a bang: the two new clients, so that leaves a good impression of the day.

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