Saturday, November 17, 2007

Feeling Under Par

After a few nights of very poor sleep at the beginning of the week, I've slept better the past few nights. I even slept in Friday, instead of going running, and ran, instead, this morning (Sat.) after sleeping in again. Well, it's not quite "sleeping in;" it's more like waking without an alarm, but it's still within the six o'clock hour. However, even after sleeping well, I've felt tired all week.

I've been filling my 2 qt. pitcher and focusing on drinking a lot of water because I haven't been feeling well the past few days, and I don't want dehydration to be a contributing factor.

Because I had planned out my dinners and shopped last weekend, we've eaten good dinners this week. I've also been trying to eat nutritiously because I haven't been feeling well the past few days.

I've been doing my usual exercise this week: running down the beach and back (4 mi.) Monday, Wednesday and today, and toning exercises Tuesday and Thursday. I'm concerned about my shoulders getting too muscular; my shirts are feeling too tight in the shoulders. Everyone in my family is very broad-shouldered, so it's in my genes. Because of that, I've decided to cut out the weights in my shoulder exercises. I'm still doing the motions to stay toned, but without weight.

I've gotten a lot of tranquility the past few days in the form of catching up on TV shows I like, online. allows you to watch full episodes of their shows online, which is great because I always miss the shows I like. I hope, someday, that they will allow users to follow one character's story-line, rather than watching the episode as edited.

How do I feel?
I haven't been feeling well this week, which is part of why I haven't blogged for a few days. I've had low energy, felt nauseous, and had headaches. I don't know why I'm not feeling well, but it's led me to be rather unproductive the past few days. When I start to feel under the weather, I focus more on the SWEET Life in the hopes of nipping any illness in the bud. I really don't want to be sick just before Thanksgiving! I'm hoping a restful weekend will help me feel better.

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