Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lose It Success!

Well, no, I didn't successfully lose weight; I successfully tracked the day's calories & exercise on Lose It! (iphone app). I finally decided to stop complaining about those couple pounds of belly flab that are making my waistbands tight and, instead, do something about it. It's very simple: I just need to eat less (because I already exercise enough). I needed to make measuring cups my friends and use them throughout the day. I needed to become honest with myself about how much and what I was "nibbling" throughout the day. In the end, it wasn't difficult to stay near my calorie target for the day, and after dinner, I added in all my exercise, which dropped me way below my calorie target. (Lose It! adds more calories to consume if you burn off calories in exercise. But that doesn't help me lose weight, so I add in my exercise after consuming all my calories.) What's really nice is that right now, after dinner, I feel satisfied but not stuffed and bloated, like I have been feeling lately!

In other aspects of the SWEET Life, I went to bed too late last night to get enough Sleep. Along with tracking my calories, I tracked my Water intake on Lose It! I atE 1411 calories with a good range of nutrients. I taught GO Fitness and walked to Ruby's Tumbling and back with my girls for Exercise. Lastly, I had a morning free of children to get stuff done and have some Tranquility.

So today I lived the _WEET Life. :-)

Monday, September 28, 2009

After 3 weeks: living a SWEETer Life

The thing that helped me live a SWEETer Life the most was writing a journal: just sitting down at the computer with a blank page and writing whatever came to mind. I wrote about 4 pages (typed, single-spaced), and all sorts of ideas came up that I never knew were on my mind. That always seems to be the best cure for me: just writing for myself. Writing a blog is different and harder because I don't want to ramble on, like I do in a journal. Also, when writing for myself, I can let ideas come out that I would never admit to anyone. It's completely private, unlike a blog. Getting out all this garbage that has been clouding my mind has freed me to think and act clearly and with direction. That's allowed me to live a SWEETer life.

I feel better about myself, so I've lost a couple pounds from "nibbling" less and drinking more water. I'm deciding when it's better to give up some sleep in order to get stuff accomplished, rather than using sleep as an escape from what I need to do.

I decided I need to write a journal weekly, to keep my mind clear. But it's not a blog entry; it's not for ANYONE else to read.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall into Fitness

This fall, get fit with GO Fitness!

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It is designed for a committed, results-oriented group of participants.

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All classes are subject to a minimum enrollment of 4 participants.

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All programs take place at Krusi Park and run the 1st-28th of the month.


-Pay by the 25th for the following month to receive a 10% discount and guarantee your space in the class.

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After 2 weeks: Living the S_ _ET Life

So, having tried to live the SWEET Life for the past 2 weeks, my conclusions are:
I'm living the S_ _ET life pretty consistently. I Sleep, Exercise and have Tranquility consistently.

That means, I need to focus on my Water and Eating. The next week is supposed to be a heatwave, so I really need to focus on staying hydrated; my kids too. I've learned that I need to take a big bottle of water with me if I'm going to be out of the house a lot during the day. If I have it with me, I'll drink it!

As for Eating, I eat too much. I don't think I eat "a lot," but I eat more than my body needs, keeping an extra 5 lb. on me, and causing my clothes to fit just a bit tightly. Today, I started using Lose It! (iphone app) again, to help me pay more attention. My main problem is "nibbling" which I will differentiate from "grazing." You hear about "grazers" who eat every couple hours. Experts say it's a healthier way to eat than eating 3 big meals. I think "grazing" is fine and great if you are eating GRASS every couple hours, but that's not what I'm eating! ;-) I've come to notice that I nibble on everything, especially finishing those last couple bites of my kids' meals or snacks. It's just a couple bites! Off each plate. Every meal & snack. I've found it hard to track my Eating, either on my SWEET Life Plan or on Lose It! because I eat so many unmeasured "nibbles" of food. It's a hassle to measure how much I'm eating ALL the time! But I'm coming to realize that might be my problem: I don't realize how much I'm eating with all these "nibbles" of food. I NEED to measure quantities and face up to those 2 cookies I ate with my breakfast, which are about 200 calories! Eeek! So here I start, today, tracking my quantities & calories on Lose It! . .

Friday, September 11, 2009

Days 3-5 of living the SWEET Life

The past couple days, I've hardly been at the computer at all. However, keeping this daily-ish blog helps me face my SWEET Life and whether or not I'm living it.

SLEEP: I've been sleeping enough about every other night, 3 out of 5 nights so far.

WATER: Tues, Wed, Thurs, I didn't drink nearly enough water. I was out of the house a lot, which makes it more difficult. Today I've drunk a lot; in fact, I'm finished and it's only 4:30 pm!

EATING: The past few days, I've eaten less, but I haven't really tracked which food groups I'm eating from. I've been focusing on eating a better variety of foods, but, like with Water, when I'm out of the house a lot, it's difficult to keep track throughout the day.

EXERCISE: Wednesday I taught GO Fitness! Thursday is my day off of exercise. Today I taught GO Fitness! and Aqua Aerobics. I also swam a few laps (4) before class, just to stretch out and glide through the water. I love the feeling of flying that you get from swimming. Swimming laps is different from doing Aqua Aerobics or "swimming" with my kids. There's more movement, and it's smooth and horizontal.

TRANQUILITY: Haven't gotten much Tranquility lately. :-( Wednesday I was switching off kids all day: hanging with Zoe while Maya was in school. Hanging with Maya while Zoe was playing with Grandma. Hanging with Zoe while Maya had dance class. Hanging with Maya while Zoe had dance & tumbling classes. It's great to have one-on-one time with each kid, but I need some one-on-one time with myself, as well. Last night I went to the Airport Area Business Association's 40th anniversary celebration with Mary Grace. That was a lot of fun, and Tranquil. Today, my kids are swimming all afternoon with their friend Aya, so I have several hours alone in the house to catch up, and be Tranquil. :-)

Today, so far, I've lived the SW_ET life! Hey, that's pretty good!

SLEEP- We don't have any early plans for the weekend, so I should be able to sleep well the next couple nights.
WATER- I've got to take it with me if I know I'll be out of the house a lot.
EATING- I might need to use Lose it! (iphone app) to help me track my eating while out of the house. However, that's a calorie-counting program; it's different from my SWEET Life program, which focuses on nutritional variety. Yes, I long for a SWEET Life iphone app! Any iphone app developers out there?!
EXERCISE: I'd really like to go running along the beach and get some consistent, endurance cardio.
TRANQUILITY: The weekend is family time; I should be able to get plenty of Tranquility the next couple of days. :-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 2: living the S_ _E_ Life

Hmm, I didn't live a very SWEET Life today. It was merely S_ _E_.
  • SLEEP: I was proud of myself for going to bed early last night, and felt great this morning, waking up after 8+ hours. However, this afternoon I forgot to ask for decaf and drank caffeinated coffee ~4:00, so I know I'm doomed to insomnia tonight. Might as well get some work done then!
  • WATER: I didn't drink enough water today, by a long shot. It's hard when I'm out of the house a lot, like today. And last night, yes, finishing my water at 8:00 was too late, and I woke up and had to pee in the middle of the night.
  • EATING: I'm 0-2 for Eating well. I ate appropriate amounts of fruit and protein, but far too much grains and not enough veggies and dairy. A niece's bday party didn't help, but boy was that Moroccan food and ice cream cake good!
  • EXERCISE: I taught Aqua Aerobics today, which is moderate exercise.In that class I get the most exercise pulling myself out of the pool over and over to demonstrate the next exercise! But what a beautiful day to be in the pool! (see image above)
  • TRANQUILITY: hasn't happened yet today and don't expect it to. But it wasn't a high stress day either.
Hmm, rough start. I really need to focus on eating better tomorrow. It helps that I stocked up at the farmer's market today (although that didn't help me today, for some reason???). I have ~1 hr without kids, in addition to hula class tomorrow, so I should get some Tranquility out of that.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 1 of restarting the SWEET Life:

Day 1: I lived the _W_ET Life.

  • SLEEP: I only slept 6 1/2 hr. Hmm, maybe that's why I'm already tired at 8:10 p.m.!
  • WATER: I just finished my 64 oz. of water, remembering at the last minute, that I should have finished it with dinner so as not to wake up and have to pee tonight. Oh well . . .
  • EATING: I was quite conscious of making sure to eat some fruits and vegetables. I ate a good variety from all the food groups, but I also ate some junk at a bbq: chips, beer, cookies, etc. Overall, I feel rather full and uncomfortable right now, and I think I ate too much. I need to focus on eating a bit more dairy, which is surprising because I love dairy! Cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream, etc. Yum!
  • EXERCISE: I already mentioned that I started the day with a long walk. . .
  • TRANQUILITY: . . . and that the walk was with girl friends along the beach on a beautiful morning.

So, knowing that Exercise and Tranquility are my easiest parts, I only improved on Water today. But that's a start. I did eat a better variety of foods, so that's a step in the right direction.

Restarting the SWEET Life

I haven't posted in a few months. My last goal was in May: to get my GO Fitness! class going, which I did. It's been going, monthly, since June 1.

I decided to start tracking living the SWEET Life again. Once it becomes habit, I don't need to keep track of it, but lately I've felt like I'm not living the SWEET Life.

SLEEP: I certainly don't sleep enough, and I don't track it. This will be a major focus because I know I often need afternoon naps or fall asleep putting the kids to bed.
WATER: I don't think I've been drinking enough water, but I feel so much better when I do. I filled up my pitcher with 64 oz. and am determined to finish it today.
EATING: I think I've been eating too much and not enough variety to get all the nutrients I need. This is another major point of focus. I'm also guilty of finishing off my kids' plates, which adds those extra calories my body doesn't need. I will stop being the garbage disposer!
EXERCISE: Teaching 5 fitness classes/week, this is the easiest part for me. However, sometimes I feel I need a good cardio-endurance bout, which I don't get in the classes I teach. I went for a nice walk with a group of friends this morning along the beach. It was so beautiful out!
TRANQUILITY: I haven't felt really stressed lately, so I think I'm getting enough tranquility to keep my stress level low.

So the 2 main things to improve are Sleep and Eating. Really, most people only need to focus on improving in 2 areas. O.k., let's see how the rest of the month goes . . .