Sunday, November 18, 2007

Finding Tranquility in House Cleaning?

I slept in luxuriously late this morning, as did both my girls. It was nice to lay around in bed and not have to go anywhere right away.

I drank 2 qt. although my pitcher still has a quart left in it. Sometimes I drink from elsewhere; for instance, if I'm thirsty while I'm in the bathroom anyway, I'll drink from a cup in there. That confuses me on my quantities, so I just guess if I've come out right.

I think I ate well today, although I've been a bit lazy about keeping track of my food intake on the SWEET Life Plan. I should because I'll make sure to eat a better balanced combination of foods if I do.

Today is a day off of exercise; however, I did spend hours cleaning the house in preparation for Thanksgiving. Does that count? My feeling about exercise is that if it tires you out, it's exercise. Surprisingly, despite the number of hours I spent cleaning, it didn't tire me out.

I find it amazing that women can find tranquility in house cleaning. There are so many women I know who are so happy when they send their husbands off to the park with the kids, so they can stay home alone and clean. If the situation were reversed (the mom taking the kids to the park), the husbands would never spend their alone-time cleaning, or even, more traditionally, doing yardwork. They'd probably watch football.

Why are women contented by a clean house? For me, it just feels right and hygenic to be in a clean house. We are between housekeepers right now, so I'm not used to cleaning my house. There are good and bad things about cleaning my own house: I do a more thorough job because I know what we dirty the most. I put away things that a housekeeper wouldn't know to put away. I get distracted by extra dirty spots and take the time to clean them because I'll notice them every day if I don't. However, because of all this, I take longer than a housekeeper would. But now I'm content to be in my clean, guest-ready house. I just have to enforce cleanliness with my family for the next few days until Thanksgiving!

How do I feel?
I feel better today, health-wise; I'd been feeling low energy, nauseous and headachy for the previous few days. I made my Thanksgiving plan a week ago, and today I started implementing it. The first steps were to clean the house and clean out the fridge to accommodate all the food. I'm happy to have my plan in motion, and anticipate smooth sailing for the next few days.

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