Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post-Holiday Mess

The past few days, I've had a lot of Tranquility, and I've Exercised. Some nights I've Slept well, but others I haven't. But I haven't been Eating healthy or drinking Water enough. But that's a usual unSWEETened life: most people accomplish a couple of the components easily, one of them sometimes, and a couple of them with difficulty. Living the SWEET Life involves paying attention and incorporating all five elements into your life consistently.

Here it is 5:21 a.m. I've been up since 3:48 when Zoe woke me up. She fell back asleep quickly, but I did not. This has been happening a lot in the past couple months, and it's very discouraging for me. Why can't I get back to sleep? I had always prided myself in being able to sleep so well and so easily but not lately. :-(

It's interesting how I can know in advance what and how much I'll be drinking, depending on where I will be. At my sister-in-law's house, there's always lots of free flowing wine. At my mother-in-law's house there's always wine, but no one drinks very much, despite it being the same group of people! There's also always tea and coffee. At my husband's aunt's house (my aunt-in-law?) there's always tea and juice and coffee in cute little cups. It seems the older generation uses small cups and the younger generation uses big tumblers. In an effort to drink 8-10 cups per day, I tend to use big tumblers and can't seem to get my fill of cute little cups. So, being at various people's houses for holiday meals and at Ano Nuevo yesterday hiking with a kid on and off my back, I haven't been drinking enough lately. It's hard when I'm out of the house so much.

I'm glad to know that I've gotten past stuffing myself silly at holiday meals. I used to, to the point where I'd notice I was the last one still eating. To the point where my dad, who was a large man, asked, "Why is Suzanne the only one who inherited my appetite?" I stopped stuffing myself silly because of . . . a combination of factors . . . for another day.

I didn't eat enough yesterday because we came out of the Christmas fog and realized we were short on food. Then, we were running late ("having a relaxing morning") and missed our friends having brunch before going to Ano Nuevo. We hardly had time to share a sandwich before getting to the "no food" zone there. We finished the rest of our lunch on the drive home from Ano Nuevo ~4:00, and I had to go straight to work, where I had my usual energy bar. Knowing Nick was going to the grocery store, I thought he and the girls would have a good, healthy dinner, but he just picked up a few things and dinner came from the freezer: potstickers and taquitos! Many would say those are just appetizers, but, sadly, that was our dinner.

I have taken my own advice and exercised every day that Nick has been home, except Christmas day. Actually, his family usually takes a walk or hike on Christmas, and it was a beautiful day for it, but we hung out and enjoyed oursevles at the family home. Let's see, Sunday I think I went running, Monday I did a quick toning workout at home, and yesterday we hiked at Ano Nuevo where we saw the elephant seals. That was short but exhausting because I was with Zoe, and she was up and down and in and out of the baby backpack the whole time. I'd say not to take toddlers (1-4 yr.) there because they're heavy to carry so much, they want to get down and run around, and they're too young to understand what they are looking at.

I've had a lot of tranquility lately. Nick even gave me a Tranquility bath set for Christmas! It's been great having Nick home; that always relieves some stress of parenting. Spending time with friends and family for the holidays is always relaxing and wonderful. However, I feel like I never get enough time to catch up with people because I'm also watching the cute things my girls are doing and taking care of their needs.

How do I feel?
I want to get back to a regular schedule, which is strange because we've been in, I guess, vacation-mode and I don't like it?! We've just been so busy with various events that I haven't had time for the basics, like drinking water, eating healthy, grocery shopping, doing laundry, watering plants, keeping the house tidy, working on the SWEET Life business, etc. It's been great to have Nick around so much, and he does help out with those basics. I feel like I'm floating in a netherworld, but having to plow through my messy house to get in and out of it! It's hard to believe it was all clean and beautiful just 2 days ago on Xmas eve!

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