Saturday, December 22, 2007

To Exercise Or Not To Exercise?

I was woken up at 5:30 by a combination of uncomfortable factors which also prevented me from falling back asleep: the noise of Nick snoring a little, the crowded feeling of 4 of us in one bed(!), and the need to use the bathroom. So, unfortunately, once again, I didn't sleep enough last night. I'll try again tonight . . .

Hmm, gotta get on the water bandwagon; I haven't drunk much yet today, even though I worked out! Fortunately, I still have plenty of time today to catch up on that.

Nick made waffles for breakfast -- yummy! I like to dip them in yogurt, instead of smothering them with syrup. Sometimes I dip them in applesauce, but we're out of it at the moment. Had leftover make-your-own-burritos for lunch. Burritos are one of those foods, like pizza and hamburgers, that seems so much healthier if you make them yourself than if you buy them anywhere. Homemade, I know exactly what's in them; I use fresh, healthy ingredients, etc. I ate a couple "little cuties" too; my family loves those little tangerines. . .

Since I've been so bad about exercising this week, I did double duty today: I went on a walk with a friend, then did a toning workout. The walk isn't much of a workout; it doesn't get my heart pounding, but it does get my legs moving. But it was nice to catch up with a friend. Otherwise, this week, I did one cardio workout and one toning workout. I'll workout tomorrow too, something to get my heart pounding.

It's the Saturday before Christmas, and I 've finished my Christmas shopping, which was my goal. That means that now, while my girls are napping, I get to do fun Christmas preparations like wrapping gifts (which I really do enjoy), displaying the Christmas cards we've received, sorting out stocking stuffers, baking cookies, etc. I wish I had a week to do just those fun, Christmas things, but I only have 3 days. At least I have 3 days.

How do I feel?
I feel better for having exercised today. I'm happy that my husband is home for the next 4 days, through Christmas. I need to take advantage of Nick being home and exercise each of those days! Hmm, that'd be a good idea. I've been discouraged about my lack of exercise regime this month. . . Looking back, I have managed to exercise 4 days each week of this month, but I feel like it's been by the skin of my teeth. The main thing I'd say is that it's been a struggle to exercise this month, and it's always on my mind. In the past months, I was finished with exercise before I even had my morning coffee, so it was never an issue. Hmm, I guess waking up 0n the cold, dark mornings to exercise does have it's benefits: I was in better shape and never had to think about when I was going to exercise.

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