Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Returning to Work

Let's see, if I saw part of Letterman (a very old one at that), and I woke up to my 6:30 alarm, then I couldn't have slept 7 hours. But I was close, perhaps 6 1/2 to 6 3/4 hours, which I think I do often.

I donated blood yesterday, so I had to drink extra water to make up for the loss of blood, or is it to help produce more blood?

I ate really healthy yesterday too because I donated blood and didn't want to pass out from lack of energy.

I couldn't exercise after donating blood, and I didn't have time to do it beforehand, so I took the day off. Now I'm taking advantage of my girls' nap time, but I've decided to exercise after work at the health club tonight. I'll already be there, surrounded by exercise equipment. Too bad I can't exercise during work.

I got tranquility in the form of organization. I don't live well in chaos, though others do. I'm organizing my time and reprioritizing my daily things to do. Hopefully, I'll feel more satisfied with this reorganization of my time.

How do I feel?
Next year I'm going to embark on a grand adventure, so I'm a bit nervous about it but also excited. Well, no, it's not a really adventurous type of adventure, it's just uncharted territory for me. I'm going to work more than I ever have since becoming a mother. I definitely feel the need to have intellectual stimulation, and I'll be happy to earn some more income on my own. I think that's a big difference between today's Home Executive (a.k.a. stay-at-home-mom) and those of the past: In the past women might have gone to college, then married, had kids and raised them. Today, it's much more common for women to have careers, not just jobs, but careers of their choosing where they have built up a reputation and standing, before having kids. I think it's a great and difficult choice for mothers to change careers, mid-career, and decide to raise their children instead of earn an income. At the same time, I feel that the most important "career" I could have is to raise my own children and not have a nanny or daycare do it for me. So why am I going to work more? Because, sadly, mothering doesn't pay the bills. I'm trying to keep the most positive spin on this that I can: intellectual stimulation, income; those are good things. Spending less time with my kids will make me treasure the time we spend together more, right? Fortunately, it's only for 18 weeks; I can re-evaulate the situation after that. I tend to get more done when I have more to do, so I'm hoping that'll work for me.

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