Sunday, December 9, 2007

Life has gotten SWEETer!

Whenever I'm sick, I try to focus on living the SWEET Life even more, and sure enough, it's worked again and I feel much better today than I have in the past week. :-)

I slept in (I mean, it IS the weekend!) and got plenty of sleep. Zoe didn't even wake up last night! Maya did, but she came into our room quietly and crawled, hardly waking me. In addition, I was happy to turn off my automatic exercise alarm! No more early morning workouts!

I moved my pitcher to a location where I'll be more conscious of it, and that did help me make sure to drink it all today, by dinnertime.

I ate well today. Nick made French toast with strawberries for breakfast, yum! We ate leftovers for both lunch and dinner, but it ended up being quite a nice array of foods at each meal: grapes, burritos, chicken, quesadillas, stir-fried broccoli & snap peas, steamed rice, beef chow fun, artichoke, steak and salad. Hmm, perhaps I was a bit short on dairy products, but I was planning on having some ice cream for dessert!

Although I don't usually exercise on the weekends, I skipped exercising 3 days last week, so I exercised both weekend days to make up for it. I also decided to change my workout schedule to do it during my girls' naps, which means I won't be able to leave the house, so I might as well plan for one weekend day when I can go out of the house and run.

I got a chance to catch up on some things, which always makes me feel good. Last week, I missed out on Tranquility a few days, so I really needed to make up for it this weekend, and I did. It was nothing very exciting to write about, but I just finished up some things that made me feel accomplished.

How do I feel?
I'm feeling healthier today than I have all week, and I feel a bit back on track. I've figured out my new exercise routine, which is important, and I'm happy to sleep in until the rest of the family gets up during the week, instead of getting up early to exercise. Really focusing on living the SWEET Life the past day or two has really helped everything fall nicely into place.

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