Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lose It Success!

Well, no, I didn't successfully lose weight; I successfully tracked the day's calories & exercise on Lose It! (iphone app). I finally decided to stop complaining about those couple pounds of belly flab that are making my waistbands tight and, instead, do something about it. It's very simple: I just need to eat less (because I already exercise enough). I needed to make measuring cups my friends and use them throughout the day. I needed to become honest with myself about how much and what I was "nibbling" throughout the day. In the end, it wasn't difficult to stay near my calorie target for the day, and after dinner, I added in all my exercise, which dropped me way below my calorie target. (Lose It! adds more calories to consume if you burn off calories in exercise. But that doesn't help me lose weight, so I add in my exercise after consuming all my calories.) What's really nice is that right now, after dinner, I feel satisfied but not stuffed and bloated, like I have been feeling lately!

In other aspects of the SWEET Life, I went to bed too late last night to get enough Sleep. Along with tracking my calories, I tracked my Water intake on Lose It! I atE 1411 calories with a good range of nutrients. I taught GO Fitness and walked to Ruby's Tumbling and back with my girls for Exercise. Lastly, I had a morning free of children to get stuff done and have some Tranquility.

So today I lived the _WEET Life. :-)

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  1. I have some handy-dandy pamphlets on how to use everyday objects as serving measures (courtesy of WW of course). I'll get one of those to you. The measuring cups and scales do get tiresome after awhile and it's nice to have some self-confidence in your own "eye-balling it" technique.
    No "S" here either...been up since 1:30. Ugh.