Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 2: living the S_ _E_ Life

Hmm, I didn't live a very SWEET Life today. It was merely S_ _E_.
  • SLEEP: I was proud of myself for going to bed early last night, and felt great this morning, waking up after 8+ hours. However, this afternoon I forgot to ask for decaf and drank caffeinated coffee ~4:00, so I know I'm doomed to insomnia tonight. Might as well get some work done then!
  • WATER: I didn't drink enough water today, by a long shot. It's hard when I'm out of the house a lot, like today. And last night, yes, finishing my water at 8:00 was too late, and I woke up and had to pee in the middle of the night.
  • EATING: I'm 0-2 for Eating well. I ate appropriate amounts of fruit and protein, but far too much grains and not enough veggies and dairy. A niece's bday party didn't help, but boy was that Moroccan food and ice cream cake good!
  • EXERCISE: I taught Aqua Aerobics today, which is moderate exercise.In that class I get the most exercise pulling myself out of the pool over and over to demonstrate the next exercise! But what a beautiful day to be in the pool! (see image above)
  • TRANQUILITY: hasn't happened yet today and don't expect it to. But it wasn't a high stress day either.
Hmm, rough start. I really need to focus on eating better tomorrow. It helps that I stocked up at the farmer's market today (although that didn't help me today, for some reason???). I have ~1 hr without kids, in addition to hula class tomorrow, so I should get some Tranquility out of that.

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