Monday, September 28, 2009

After 3 weeks: living a SWEETer Life

The thing that helped me live a SWEETer Life the most was writing a journal: just sitting down at the computer with a blank page and writing whatever came to mind. I wrote about 4 pages (typed, single-spaced), and all sorts of ideas came up that I never knew were on my mind. That always seems to be the best cure for me: just writing for myself. Writing a blog is different and harder because I don't want to ramble on, like I do in a journal. Also, when writing for myself, I can let ideas come out that I would never admit to anyone. It's completely private, unlike a blog. Getting out all this garbage that has been clouding my mind has freed me to think and act clearly and with direction. That's allowed me to live a SWEETer life.

I feel better about myself, so I've lost a couple pounds from "nibbling" less and drinking more water. I'm deciding when it's better to give up some sleep in order to get stuff accomplished, rather than using sleep as an escape from what I need to do.

I decided I need to write a journal weekly, to keep my mind clear. But it's not a blog entry; it's not for ANYONE else to read.

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