Sunday, September 20, 2009

After 2 weeks: Living the S_ _ET Life

So, having tried to live the SWEET Life for the past 2 weeks, my conclusions are:
I'm living the S_ _ET life pretty consistently. I Sleep, Exercise and have Tranquility consistently.

That means, I need to focus on my Water and Eating. The next week is supposed to be a heatwave, so I really need to focus on staying hydrated; my kids too. I've learned that I need to take a big bottle of water with me if I'm going to be out of the house a lot during the day. If I have it with me, I'll drink it!

As for Eating, I eat too much. I don't think I eat "a lot," but I eat more than my body needs, keeping an extra 5 lb. on me, and causing my clothes to fit just a bit tightly. Today, I started using Lose It! (iphone app) again, to help me pay more attention. My main problem is "nibbling" which I will differentiate from "grazing." You hear about "grazers" who eat every couple hours. Experts say it's a healthier way to eat than eating 3 big meals. I think "grazing" is fine and great if you are eating GRASS every couple hours, but that's not what I'm eating! ;-) I've come to notice that I nibble on everything, especially finishing those last couple bites of my kids' meals or snacks. It's just a couple bites! Off each plate. Every meal & snack. I've found it hard to track my Eating, either on my SWEET Life Plan or on Lose It! because I eat so many unmeasured "nibbles" of food. It's a hassle to measure how much I'm eating ALL the time! But I'm coming to realize that might be my problem: I don't realize how much I'm eating with all these "nibbles" of food. I NEED to measure quantities and face up to those 2 cookies I ate with my breakfast, which are about 200 calories! Eeek! So here I start, today, tracking my quantities & calories on Lose It! . .

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