Monday, January 26, 2009

Refocusing on the SWEET Life

The previous entry, entitled “Exercise vs. ESL” basically concluded with the SWEET Life. The more completely you live the SWEET Life, the healthier and more fit you will be. Since I’ve had other goals in the past few months, I haven’t been tracking my SWEET Life. In the past month, I’ve had a hard time shaking off a cold completely, so I decided to refocus on living the SWEET Life in the next month. What do I need to improve in the SWEET Life in order to enhance my health & fitness?

SLEEP: I’ve been going to bed too late for the time I need to wake up, so I need to make sure to go to bed 8 hours before I need to wake up.

WATER: I don’t know how much I’ve been drinking, so I need to pay attention to drinking 8 cups of water a day.

EATING: I probably eat more than I need to and too many sweets, so I need to focus on eating a variety of nutrients and controlling portion sizes (1 cup and ½ cup measuring cups help a lot).

EXERCISE: I get a workout during the fitness classes I teach, but I need to add more of my own workouts in order to exercise 5 times a week, which makes a big difference in my health & fitness.

TRANQUILITY: I haven’t felt really stressed since the holidays, but it’s good for me to focus on getting 30-60 minutes of relaxation & stress-relief every day.

For me, it’s a matter of focus. I just need little adjustments, nothing major, but it will all add up to a much healthier, balanced life, the SWEET Life!

(I started out well: On Sunday, I woke up and exercised in our hotel room with my resistance band! Today (Monday), I fully lived the SWEET Life, now that I’m concentrating on it!)

Which aspects of the SWEET Life do you do automatically already? Which ones are very difficult for you to do? There’s probably one or two that you do sometimes, but not regularly; which? What changes do you, personally, need to make in order to live the SWEET Life?

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