Saturday, January 17, 2009

What Have I Accomplished, Daily?

Well, in the first week and I accomplished 4 things and had my fingers in a lot of different pies, which I tried to finish on the weekend. I was glad to have started working on a lot of things, beyond the usual, but I was not quite finished with a lot of things that I had started.

Monday, I was frustrated not to succeed in my accomplishment nor in just my daily things to do. So I didn’t set an accomplishment for Tuesday. Wednesday I completed my accomplishment, but it took 2 days. Thursday I mostly finished my accomplishment, and Friday I didn’t. That weekend, I was catching up on all the things I hadn’t quite finished: I did a lot of putting things away from Xmas and our New Years Eve party, but I didn’t have time to finish putting all the Xmas decorations in the boxes, which I first had to dig out of the basement. I hadn’t had time to retype my Xmas planning & New Years Eve Party planning notes. However, I bought paint, painted picture frames, loaded the photos I’d printed last weekend into them, wrapped them and delivered them, finally, 2+ weeks late. It was amazing how many steps were involved in what seemed like a simple idea: print photos for friends.

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