Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Word for January 2009 is: Accomplish

I want to do more than just tread water in life; I want to swim, to make progress towards something, well, towards many things! So my goal for January is to accomplish something almost every day (5x/week). It will have to be something small, which can be accomplished in addition to my usual daily stuff. Anyway, it’s always easier to accomplish things if they are broken down into small steps. So that’s the idea: to ask myself the night before what I feel like accomplishing the next day, (in addition to the usual) planning out when I’ll do it, then focusing on it the next day.

Whenever I follow a bedtime routine, I always start the day off better, more organized, feeling fresh and ready to go. So I started by updating my bedtime routine, based on my daughters’ new schedules for the year.

So far, I’ve accomplished 2 things: I wrote my Christmas thank you cards, and I printed out photos that I wanted to give people for Christmas gifts. (Yes, I know I’m quite late in getting my Christmas gifts ready, but the wise men showed up on Jan. 6 with their gifts.) Tomorrow’s accomplishment (hmm, like the use of “accomplishment,” rather than “goal;” it sounds more definitive), will be to tidy up the house and put away the Christmas decorations. Normally, I’d say that’s usual, daily stuff, but we also have 2 parties to go to tomorrow, so it’ll be quite an accomplishment to go to 2 parties AND tidy up the house/put away Christmas.

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