Monday, January 19, 2009

Checking Things Off my To Do List

I’ve been trying hard to complete things on my To Do List, and I’ve crossed off 17 things! Talk about accomplishment! Every day I’ve been reviewing my To Do list and prioritizing the things I need/want to accomplish each day. Each weekend, I try to catch up, if needed. I’m happy to be ready to retype my To Do List because so much has changed on it!

Some of the things I’ve accomplished are keeping up with daily things like laundry, changing sheets, keeping the house tidy, watering plants, etc. Other things I was happy to cross off my To Do list forever! For example, finishing off a few last, late holiday gifts; making dr. appointments; picking up dry cleaning; finishing off putting away the holiday decorations (finally!); etc.

The problem is that I haven’t been focusing on things that take a long time to complete. I’m really behind on studying for my Group Exercise Certification next month. I need to spend a lot of time on that, alone, without interruptions, which is what makes it difficult to do. If I spent an hour a day on it, I’d be caught up, but it’s hard to find an uninterrupted hour every day.

I feel good about accomplishing a lot and having less hanging over my head on my To Do list. It lets me feel that I can look ahead more.

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