Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Organizational Time of the Year

Last night I slept horribly! It was musical beds: Maya refused to sleep in her bed so she slept in ours. I couldn't sleep well because I couldn't move freely due to her presence. Then, Zoe woke up screaming for me at 3:40, so I got up to get her. She and I slept in Maya's empty bed, but Zoe rolled around for a bit before falling back asleep, keeping me awake. I'm 0 for 3 in good nights' sleep this week. :-(

I've been drinking enough water lately. Since I have easy control over that, compared to sleep, I just fill up my pitcher with 2 quarts and make sure to drink it all by dinnertime. I'm 9 for 9 this month so far.

I've been focusing on eating better since the post-New Years lull. It helps to plan meals and go to the store. I got a crock pot for Christmas, so I've been throwing food in there to cook all afternoon, which makes for an easy, healthy dinner. Since it's winter, root vegetables abound, which cook well in the crock pot, and stews and other comfort foods smell and taste wonderful, which are also crock pot-friendly. I'm 6 for 6 since Jan. 3.

This week I've gotten back into my old exercise routine of early mornings: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 30-minutes of cardio, and Tuesday, Thursday 30-minutes of toning exercises. That worked quite successfully for me last September - November, but I burned out in December and experimented with other, less successful routines. I'm 3 for 3 this week.

Tranquility has been the easiest part of the SWEET Life for me. However, that didn't use to be the case. It's really good that I think about getting some stress-relief every day because I didn't use to think much about it, and I used to be much more stressed out, especially as each week wore on. Now that I spend time each day, when my girls nap, asking myself what I'm going to do that will make me feel good about myself today, I realize my stress is in much better control. I don't stress "out" because my stress isn't allowed to build up. I'm 9 for 9 this month.

How did I do, and how do I feel?
Yesterday, I had a _WEET Life.
I'm in organizational mode. Why do we all organize in January? All the stores have organizational products on special this time of year. Part of it is that we have to pack up the Christmas decorations; hopefully, in an organized fashion. Part of it for me is that my husband got a "valet" for Christmas; it's a small divided box for his wallet, coins, keys, etc. At first I thought it was a recharging station for small electronics like cell phones, MP3 players, cameras, etc. But that made me think that perhaps we could use a recharging station. I also saw a tidbit on a show about reorganizing a small office without a lot of extra space. The organizer took advantage of the wall space and put a lot of the desktop stuff on the wall, which would be a good idea for me, too. Then there was our New Year's Eve party when Nick cleared a bunch of stuff out of our office s0 that people could put their coats and purses in there. The office looks so much better without all that stuff in there, but, of course, it's all in boxes up in our bedroom now. We, unfortunately, have a lot of "homeless" stuff which sits in boxes in various places around the house (because we don't have a garage). I told Nick I want us to work on one, small, organizational project each weekend. Last weekend was putting Christmas away. This weekend will be finding homes for all the stuff that used to live on the floor of the office and is now in our bedroom.

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