Sunday, September 28, 2008

Working out with a friend

I saw my friend Lee at the gym the other morning. We used to work out together early in the mornings, but we stopped months ago. She said that nowadays, early morning is the only time she has to do it, so she’d be going to the gym in the mornings, lately. I jumped on the chance to go with her, encouraging me to get the workouts over with before the day started. For months I’d tried to workout first thing in the morning, and even in the early morning daylight of summer, I just couldn’t get myself up unless I had to. So why, now that it’s dark in the early mornings, was I suddenly so eager to go with Lee? Well, I think it’s the motivation of going WITH someone that got me excited. If I know I’m meeting someone, I can’t talk myself out of it, like I can do SO easily to myself.

This week, I have Personal Training clients four early mornings, so I will be at the gym, but not working out, myself. And yes, the motivation of meeting someone will get me there, along with coffee.

It was nice, back when, to shower and get my day going at the usual time, knowing I had already worked out before my family woke up. Nowadays, a little extra sleep always sounds better. But if I had someone to work out with, maybe I’d do it.

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