Saturday, September 20, 2008

Biking to Preschool

So my latest cardio plan is to bike, instead of drive, to pick up my kids from preschool and daycare. Originally, I thought I’d bike them in the morning, but c’mon, seriously, how unrealistic is that!? I can hardly get them there on time, in a car, even if I do as much as possible to prep the night before! (set out clothes, make lunches, set out breakfast, program the coffeemaker, etc.)

Wednesday was the first day of my plan. I have a Personal Training client at the Harbor Bay Club (HBC) until 11:30 and preschool ends at noon at Washington Park. That’s enough time to bike between the two, dragging a trailer. But I was slow out of the gates due to paperwork, saying “hi” to familiar faces, receiving phones calls, etc. By then, I only had 17 minutes to bike to preschool, but it took me 22 minutes to do it! Fortunately, I saw all the other parents and kids leaving, so, although I was the last parent to pick up her kid, it was only by a minute. Altogether, I rode from HBC to WA park, to Zoe’s daycare on 5th St., and home to Krusi Park, about 7-8 miles. Not far, but I was pulling a trailer weighing 35 lb. empty and 100 lbs. full! Total time: ~1 hr.

Note to self: leave immediately after Personal Training session ends to pick up Maya on time!

With time, I’ll get stronger and faster, and then it’ll get cold and rainy, and I’ll get back in the car instead! LOL!

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