Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuning It Up and Turning It Up

I shaved 3 minutes off my bike ride from HBC to WA Park to pick up Maya from preschool! How’d I do that?! Well, I will contribute some of it to Mother Nature and her lack of wind today. Otherwise, I contribute it to tuning it up and turning it up.

Last week we were at Alameda Bike, and I had a coupon for 15% off parts & accessories. I wasn’t planning on buying anything, but the coupon made me think about what I might need. I got a new seat, fitted for my “sit bones.” I bought new grips that are surprisingly comfortable, and I knew I needed a new bell (gotta have a bell on Shoreline Ave.)! They also oiled my chain a bit. My bike doesn’t squeak anymore and it rides more smoothly. All told, I spent $75 and shaved 3 minutes off my time! Aaah, the wonders of a tune up!

The other time improvement was due to intervals. In the Intro to Spin class I took, one exercise was to ride no-handed but still bent over the handlebars. So I tried it for just 10 pedal-spins. It took a lot of abs and put all the force in my legs. With more force in my legs, I ended up going much faster. So every now and then I’d do another 10 spins no-handed, which revved up my speed.

So a bike tune up and turning up the intensity in my riding cut 3 minutes off my ride. Let’s see how my abs feel tomorrow!

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