Monday, March 30, 2009

Lose It! Adjustments

So now I’ve used the Lose It! Iphone application for a week. How did I do? Well, there are a couple adjustments I need to make, in terms of exercise and the calories in individual meals.


The program adds exercise as extra calories to consume. For example, my calorie intake was calculated to be 1383 calories per day (based on my goal and how fast I want to achieve it), but if I burn 400 calories in exercise, it will increase my calorie budget to 1783. I don’t want to eat that many calories because that’s only ~300 calories less than I was eating before! It’ll take me 11 days to lose one pound! My solution is to add exercise at the end of the day, after I’ve finished totaling calories.

Calorie budgets per meal:

The program starts with your total calorie budget for the day and deducts the calories you consume. So if you aren’t careful, you might have only 50 calories left by the time dinner rolls around! Although it does total your calories per meal, it doesn’t give any calorie budgets per meal, only per day. I wish it would budget each meal, in addition to each day. I also wish I could compare calories per meal and exercise across the days. I can only compare total calories across the days.

So, at the end of the week, I was almost 800 calories over budget. L The first day and the last couple days I was on budget, but mid-week, I was about 200 calories over budget each day. Next week, I’ll, first, pay more attention to my calories per meal and, second, add in the exercise at the end of each day.

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