Sunday, March 1, 2009

Boot Camping Myself

I haven’t been working out enough this month; it always seems to be a struggle to get it done. So I decided I needed to create a schedule to work out. I opened my Google Calendar ( and found that I already had scheduled regular workouts. Oops, I guess that didn’t work! So I rescheduled them for times that might work for me more realistically. Then, I realized I needed to boot camp myself! I needed to schedule it and commit to it in order to see results!

I’d already skipped Monday and taught Aqua Aerobics Tuesday, so I needed to schedule and commit to a big workout on Wednesday, both cardio and toning. I was going to be at the gym with a Personal Training client already, so I decided to stay, workout afterwards & shower, which I rarely do at the gym.

I spent 30 min. on the AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer), reaching my goal of 300+ calories and 3+miles. Then I did 30 min. of toning exercises and stretching. I felt great afterwards! When don’t we feel great after a good workout?

The shower was actually a big deal because I often end up busy right after a workout, unable to shower until hours later. Fortunately for those I come in contact with, this refers mostly to Aqua Aerobics, so I smell like chlorine for hours, not sweat.

A workout, a shower, what more could I want? . . Food! I had no snacks with me, bummer! I was ready to raid my kids’ leftover lunches. I used to always keep an energy bar with me for times like this, but since the peanut butter recall, and Costco calling me (yes, really) telling me not to eat the Zone Perfect bars I’d bought there (there’s something to say for them tracking my purchases), we haven’t had any energy bars in the house. Ah, the pleasure of a great workout: eating afterwards!

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