Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Consequences of Junk Food

My 4 ½ yr old daughter crawled into my bed at 2 a.m. and, shortly thereafter, threw up. Fortunately, she missed me and my husband, but she made quite a mess of herself and the bed. As we cleaned everything up, I thought, “It was that half a hot dog she ate just before bed that made her sick.” Then I thought more about what she ate yesterday. Compared to last week, which was a very healthy week for us, yesterday was extremely unhealthy. We rarely eat that badly, especially in one day!

I was surprised she wanted half a hot dog just before bedtime, but she saw Daddy eating one and wanted one, too. Before that, we’d just come home from Tucker’s ice cream, which we went to because the kids had eaten a good dinner. Hmm, “good” meaning they ate a lot, which is rare. We’d met some friends for dinner at Tomatina, where Maya ate 2 pieces of cheese pizza. She usually eats only 2 bites of pizza! Earlier in the afternoon, we’d made chocolate chip cookies that we made into little ice cream sandwiches. For lunch, we had the rare opportunity to go out, so we went to the Little House Café, where she ate half a grilled cheese sandwich and some grape soda. Since she ate “well,” we shared a strawberry cream puff for dessert. Wow! 3 desserts in one day?!

Looking back, no wonder she got sick! The consequence of eating junk food all day is that she got sick; her body rejected it, quite literally. A complete purging of her system and lots of rest helped her feel better.


  1. my kids have never had as much junk food as they eat at softball/baseball. You would think that people would bring healthy snack after a sports game. Sunflower seeds, candy, bubblegum, gatoraid or some sweet juice-like drink.

  2. You might have to lead the charge and bring some healthy stuff. Of course, with junk food as an option, the kids might not eat healthy, given a choice.