Tuesday, July 21, 2009

GO Fitness! August Session Sign-ups

“(GO Fitness!) is just what I need.” –Satisfied Participant

With a 79% improvement in strength (ave.) and a 60% return rate,
GO Fitness! is not only a “jump start” to your fitness routine!

It’s an outdoor fitness class that combines cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance.
Most importantly, it focuses on achieving your fitness goals!

“I am feeling stronger: I can bound up the stairs faster, sometimes two at a time;
I carry more bags of groceries; I went shopping for clothes recently
and didn't feel all doughy in the dressing room.” –Mary Grace

Tell your spouse, tell your friends, tell yourself:
The next session of GO Fitness! (Goal-Oriented Fitness) starts August 3.

GO Fitness! meets 6-7:00 a.m., Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
(12 sessions/month), at Krusi Park.

“Stretching, while looking straight up at the beautiful Alameda sky and clouds,
at the end of class, is also a great way to start the day.” –Whitney

Register by July 26th and receive a 10% discount ($180 – 10% = $162)
and guarantee your space in the class.
(Monthly class fee can be prorated for scheduled vacation dates.)

For more information, go to: G-O-Fitness.com

I look forward to seeing you at GO Fitness!


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