Thursday, February 19, 2009

Incomplete Thoughts . . .

I haven’t blogged much this month because . . .
1. I haven’t been keeping track of living the SWEET Life – my February goal.
2. I finally joined Facebook, and we expanded our cable TV service, so I’ve been spending time doing those two things instead.
3. I’ve been having a lot of incomplete thoughts lately:
a. One of them has been about revising my previous “Lark in the Park” outdoor fitness class and offering it again.
b. Another has been about the unhealthy state of our economy and health, and the fact that good health is bad for our economy.
c. A third has been how I’m not quite satisfied with my work, but I still haven’t quite articulated what I indeed want to be doing.
d. A fourth is how to make the above feasible in the current economic downturn.
I’m stuck on these thoughts, not sure where to go with them. Therefore, #2 above, to escape, and #1 above in denial.
Now, how to link this to Facebook . . .


  1. Sue,

    Irregardless of the turn in the economy, I believe people often seek excercise to take out the stressors in life. Sure times are tough, but I work out with my trainer 3 days a week. So, what better way to erase a stressful time than to go to a boot camp class, or a run or whatever keeps your mind at ease? Amy Z

  2. I totally agree that exercise is the best way to relieve stress, though many people use food, alcohol, smoking, etc. instead. Keeping healthy is the best investment you can make, especially right now; you will ALWAYS profit from it!