Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big Weight Loss Goal – 2nd week in Review

Well, I did so well the first week that I didn’t follow my calorie counts as closely the 2nd week. Resting on my laurels a bit early? My focus was on preparing for a big trip to Seattle (http://www.seattle.gov/) for my grandma’s 100th birthday party, which I was also planning. How many opportunities do you have in your life to celebrate someone’s 100th? In addition, my exercise was a bit scattered and didn’t include as much Gliding as I would have liked, but still 5 workouts. I gained a pound, but it was a week of temporary weight gain anyway. I didn’t attempt to keep track of my calories while in Seattle; it’s always easier said than done, but I am back on track starting today (Monday).

I can feel that my legs are getting stronger and my body has slimmed down a bit overall. I bought some new pants: cute, saturated dark jeans (blue & black) that are low, slim and skinny (-waist, -hips, -legs). As usual at the Gap (http://www.gap.com/), one pair is a size 8 and the other size 6. I always have to try on both sizes at that store. Either clothing sizes are continually being cut larger or my old jeans didn’t fit that well because they may have shrunk a bit over time, or they are so old that they don’t have stretch in them. Ah, Spandex, gotta have that 1%!

So this week, I’m going to keep better track of my calories, and I really need to focus on Gliding: practicing, creating my class or using Leslie’s current workout, getting music, & practicing cueing. I’ll start teaching it in 2 weeks! (http://www.glidingdiscs.com/ ) Right now I teach Aqua Aerobics and Stretch, in addition to Personal Training, so I look forward to adding a different type of class.

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