Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Month, New Goal: GO Fitness!

End of the month review:

I did achieve my April goal of losing a few pounds so that my clothes fit better. Using the Lose It! Iphone application helped. I didn't lose all 6 lb. I'd wanted to, but I lost 4 lb. and that's really where I've been most of my adult life anyway.

This month my goal is to develop my GO Fitness! course and start instructing it June 1.

Today I spent a couple hours putting together a basic website for the course. I was proud of myself for doing it myself and for completing it so quickly, including images. I made a website before which took forever, was too text-dense, without images, and not something to be proud of. This time I had a different mindset: just put the basic info that someone would need to know, on ~one screen-length. Then I added a couple other pages with marketing enticements: comparing my class to a gym membership, comparing my class to other similar classes, and special events that one might want to get in shape for. I figured out how to use online Clip Art for some images, and that was it. The website is:!

Next steps are marketing the course to drum up interest, get the business license, and create the curriculum, all of which I've started.

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