Thursday, April 17, 2008

All or Nothing?

Tuesday I did it all! That, unfortunately, doesn't happen very often. I usually miss something or other every day. Is that bad? Does living the SWEET Life have to be all or nothing? If I can't meet my goals of 5-6 times per week of each aspect of the SWEET Life, is it even worth putting in the effort? If I'm constantly left feeling unsatisfied and not completely successful in living the SWEET Life, what's the point? I could just live my life and feel happier, . . . fat and happier. Hmm . . .

I was thinking I need to write this blog later at night because I tend to get a little more giddy and creative when I'm a little tired. That might make my writing more interesting, because, frankly, I think it's boring.

Sleep: Last night I got enough sleep only because I slept in instead of exercising. I went to bed late and was interrupted by Zoe at 1:30.

Water: I drank a lot of water yesterday.

Eating: I ate well yesterday. Having gone to Costco to stock up helped.

Exercise: Yesterday, I was too tired to meet Lee to go to the gym in the morning (because Zoe had kept me up the night before). However, I did hop on a cardio machine for 30 min. at the gym after my shift ended there.

Tranquility: I got tranquility because both my girls napped in the afternoon.

How did I do, and how do I feel?
Yesterday, I had a _WEET Life.

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